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Self collection of samples anytime anywhere combined with a historical report and interpretations

AYUMETRIX offers a practice building package (Lab test Results along with a historical report and interpretations) that is inclusive of integrative laboratory testing services, personal health data acquisition/ analysis-all under the guidance from industry experts.

With this new approach, the patients will be able to collect their blood, saliva or urine samples anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience, without taking off from work or having to take an appointment with the blood draw station.

The collected sample, along with the patient’s history, medications, supplements and symptoms can be mailed in a simple pre-addressed, and postage-paid envelop to AYUMETRIX.

The patient’s provider and the patient (if their provider wants them to access their own reports) will be able to access their test results and interpretations, online through a web platform. AYUMETRIX recommends baseline testing and then retesting to monitor patient’s health after suggested therapy guidelines.

How to work with us

Two Simple Steps:

Become a Provider

Qualified Healthcare Providers fill in the form below and we will guide you step by step on how to get started with AYUMETRIX lab testing

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Start Testing

Whether you decide to send us samples directly from your office or wish to give the sample collection kits to your patients for sample collection at home, we make it easy for you, and for your patients.

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